Welcome to Broad Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), located in the historic district of New Bern, North Carolina. We center our life together in the worship of God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our worship style is traditional/blended with a celebration of Holy Communion every Sunday. The worship service begins at 11 am. We are an instrumental church, and our worship features the chancel bells, organ, and piano and occasionally an acoustic guitar.

Welcome to 46 New Members

  • Roy Balkus joined by transfer of membership on November 20, 2016. Roy is the husband of Rev. Teddi Therkildsen, an ordained Disciples of Christ minister in residence at BSCC.

  • Jake Guter, joined by profession of faith in Jesus Christ on January 3, 2016 and was baptized on 1/10/2016.

jake guterreduced

  • Peyton Haddock, age 9, joined by profession of faith in Jesus Christ on January 3, 2016 and was baptized on 1/10/2016.


  • Nicholas Hill, age 8, joined by profession of faith in Jesus Christ on December 20, 2015 and was baptized on 1/10/2016.


  • TerriWinfield joined on November 15, 2015 by transfer of letter and recommitment along with son Jamie and daughter Anna. Jamie and Anna joined by profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and werebaptized on January 10, 2016.


  • We welcomed Carolyn Grubb on November 15, 2015 by statement of faith and recommitment.


  • Karen Betz joined on November 8, 2015 by statement of faith and recommitment. Welcome, Karen!

BSCC #44 (Karen) 010ps-ccropped

  • Rev. Brenda Harris joined on October 25, 2015 by transfer of membership from a Disciples of Christ church in Kentucky.


  • Toni Lundholm joined on October 4, 2015 by transfer of membership.


  • Jamie Haddock, the new Youth Minister, joined on April 26, 2015 by transfer of membership.

Jamie Haddock Photo

  • Danny Jackson transferred his membership to Broad Street on March 15, 2015.

Danny Jackson #3 Tc-reduced

  • Rev. Ed Koffenberger and Rev. Mary Ann Koffenberger (both ordained Disciples clergy) joined by transfer on February 1, 2015.

Ed&Mary Ann Koffenberger

  • Christin Miller joined on December 14, 2014 by transfer.


  • Rosemary and Clarence “Clancy” St. Clair transferred their membership on November 23, 2014.

Clancy&Rose St. Cloud (BSCC) reduced


  • Teddi Therkildsen joined on November 16, 2014 as an Associate Member. Teddi, who is an RN and has a Master of Divinity degree from Andover Newton Theological School has been serving as a post-seminary fellow during worship as she discerns a call to ministry.

Teddie reduced

  • Jo Anderson joined on September 21, 2014 by transfer.

Jo Anderson


  • Wayne Fretwell and Elaine Lechner joined on September 21, 2014 by transfer.



  • Trudy and Terry Garland joined on September 21, 2014 by transfer.


  • Tom and Jean Norville joined the church on September 14, 2014 by transfer.



  • Gail Slade joined the church on March 16, 2014 transferring her membership from a local Christian church. Gail is another welcome addition.

Gail Slade

  • Judy George joined the church on February 9, 2014 transferring her membership from a Disciples church in Kinston, NC. Her family members have been prominent Disciples for many generations. Welcome, Judy.

Judy George

  • Dallas Waters made a profession of faith on August 8, 2013. He remotely joined the church on October 6, 2013 and was baptized in his home on October 8, 2013. The following photo is a moment after his baptism.


  • Bud and Beverly Ellis joined July 28, 2013. Both are rededicating their lives to Christ.


  • Judy Berry joined July 7, 2013 rededicating her life and transferring her membership from a church in Newport, North Carolina.


  • Bob and Eileen McCarthy joined April 28, 2013 transferring their membership from another church in New Bern.

McCarthy2 cropped

  • Walberto and Esteysi Medina joined the church on Palm Sunday, March 24, 2013 transferring their membership from another church in New Bern. Their two daughters, Alexandra and Kassandra joined by profession of faith and baptism on Easter Sunday, March 31.

Medina Family Photo

  • Rob and Wanda Smith joined the church on March 3, 2013, transferring their membership from another church in New Bern.

Rob and Wanda Smith


  • Angie, Mark, and Ethan Smith joined the church on February 17, 2013.

Angie Smith Photo of Mark Smith

  • Frank and Paula Unversaw joined the church on January 6, 2013.

Photo of the Unversaws

  • Ken Mills joined the church on December 2, 2012.

Ken Mills

We praise the Lord and receive these families with joy and gladness.

New Bern Gateway Renaissance Plan


During a Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, October 29, we hosted New Bern City Planner Kevin Robinson.
who provided information about the Gateway Renaissance Plan.

Disciples of Christ Orientation Class

Dr. Johnson taught the Orientation to Disciples Class. We met in the Worship and Wonder Room on the ground level on September 28, October 5, October 19, and October 26, 2014.

All people new to Disciples are welcome to attend the next session coming in Spring 2015. People well-familiar with Disciples may also attend–you might learn something, too.

Lobster & Chicken Cookout

Home Fellowship Group #3 with sponsor Closs Barker enjoyed a Lobster & Chicken Cookout at the church on October 23 in the Picnic Pavillion of the courtyard. It included a brief program.

Connecting Our Disciples, Congregational, and UCC Communities

With the ever-increasing number of people relocating to New Bern from our northern states, our church is uniquely poised to offer a familiar church of welcome. We have an opportunity to capitalize on our shared heritage and existing connections with the northern congregational church.

This is important because many of our recent church visitors are members of congregational churches in Connecticut, Maine, and other northern states. Most of their churches are also associated with the United Church of Christ.

In 1989 the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) approved a historic partnership of full communion. The two churches proclaimed mutual recognition of their sacraments and ordained ministry.

Though remaining two distinct denominations, the UCC and Disciples have committed through their partnership to seek opportunities for common ministry, especially where work together will enhance the mission of the church.

The partnership is a unique experiment in U.S. ecumenism. In every setting of the two churches, UCC members and Disciples are serving Christ side by side. There are now dozens of “federated” congregations affiliated with both denominations, and it is now common for Disciples and UCC ministers to serve congregations of the other denomination. The shared Global Ministries Board formed by the UCC’s Wider Church Ministries and the Disciples’ Division of Overseas Ministries, unites the international mission work of the two churches.

In April 2013, denominational leaders forged an even stronger relationship between the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to celebrate 25 years of this ecumenical partnership. Key national leaders in both denominations (including our Disciples President and General Minister, The Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins; The Rev. Dr. Ron Degges, president of Disciples Home Missions; and The Rev. Timothy James, associate general minister of the National Convocation, among others) now have Standing in the respective partner church, and considered ordained ministers by both denominations.

I will be in the process of asking the UCC to recognize my Disciples Standing so that I will have dual Standing (or “privilege of call”) in both Disciples and UCC and can market this partnership more to our northern newcomers. It is possible for our Broad Street Christian Church to officially become a “federated” church with UCC, and that might be something that we want to think about for our future.

Evangelism Team Puts BSCC on the Map


Under the leadership of Paula Unversaw, Evangelism Team Chair, the church has recently been advertised in the following publications:

  • the 2013-2014 Street Map and Resource Guide for New Bern
  • the 2014 Places of Worship for New Bern
  • the 2014 Area Guide and Business Directory published by the New Bern Chamber of Commerce (which features a beautiful color picture of the church in the Community section on page 4)

In addition, the church continues to advertise in the Saturday Sun Journal Places to Worship page.

Our Building

Our building is a neoclassical structure, built with buff-colored brick and lime-stone. It features a shallow pediment supported by stucco columns on the façade. The inside of the sanctuary is lighted naturally by windows in a low-domed cupola centered over the nave. A seating gallery on the third floor over-looks the pulpit and choir area with enclosed side wings containing classrooms, counseling offices, and a choir room.

Yes, We Are Handicap-Accessible

Portions of our building (first floor Fellowship Hall, restrooms, and children’s wing, as well as our second level sanctuary) are handicap accessible. Persons needing assistance should follow these instructions to access our worship space:

1) Park in a Handicap-reserved parking space on Bern Street or in the Bern Street parking lot. Persons in wheelchairs will need to use the city sidewalk to access the no-step way to the building.

2) Enter the building through the large black iron gate on the Bern Street side. This entrance and foyer leads to the Fellowship Hall.

3) Remember to use the restrooms on the lower level before ascending to the sanctuary level. (The sanctuary level restroom is four steps below the sanctuary.)

4) The elevator is in the Fellowship Hall–on the Bern Street side. Someone will be available to assist you with the elevator. If you have questions or need extra assistance, please ask.

5) Take the elevator up. When you open the door, you are in the sanctuary.

6) Following worship, someone can assist you with the elevator to return to the ground level.

Note: We have wheelchairs, walkers, and other medical devices available if you need a temporary loan–for a worship service or even longer. Please call the church office and tell us how we can help you.

Disciples Orientation Class

chalice bronze bscc

Dr. Johnson taught a four-week Disciples Orientation Class in September 2013. This class was for all who are new to Broad Street and/or to the Disciples of Christ denomination.

Some long-term members also enjoyed attending this class. This class will be offered again in the late Winter or Spring.

BSCC Senior Adults Enjoy Performing Arts

Join us for evening trips to the Johnston County Community College for  The Music Man on 11/15 or 11/16–admission cost is $18.

We need to purchase tickets in advance. Please contact our coordinators before November 1. Call Ruth Stocks, Dot Banks, or Pat Phipps for more info.

Holy Communion Service

Every Disciples church includes a Holy Communion service each week as part of worship, and each church administers the Lord’s Supper a little differently. At Broad Street, we are both reverent and efficient (our entire worship service still lasts only an hour).

Here’s a summary of the mechanics:

Our Table servants include both Elders, who preside at the table with the Minister and offer prayers, and Deacons who distribute the meal to congregants. Our communion plates include both the cup and the bread on a single plate.

Holy Communion

Since we are a congregational church believing in the priesthood of every believer, we want to serve one another. We symbolically demonstrate our service to one another by how we distribute the Lord’s Supper in the pews.

The person at the head of the row (in seat 1) receives the plate from the Deacon, and passes the plate to his or her neighbor in seat 2. Then, the person in seat 2 holds the plate while the person in seat 1 takes the bread and consumes it. Person in seat 1 also takes the cup and holds it for unison partaking. Then, seat 2 person passes the plate to the next person in seat 3. Seat 3 person holds the plate while seat 2 person takes and consumes bread and takes the cup to hold. This continues down the row until everyone is served except the last person in the pew. The last person in the pew passes the plate to the Deacon positioned at the end of the pew. The ending Deacon holds the plate while the last person in the pew takes the bread and consumes it, and then takes the juice to hold for unison partaking. The Deacon will always return to the end of each pew for the plate; it is not necessary for persons in the pews to assist others in pews in front of them or behind them.