We have a bride’s aisle and can accomodate approximately 300!

Broad Street Christian Church Basic Wedding Fees

 Members                              Non-members

Use of the Sanctuary                               $0.00                                       $500.00

Minister’s Honorarium                         Monetary Amount
to be arranged with

Minister of Music

Music Consultation (required)                   Monetary Amount to be        $25.00
arranged with Minister
of Music

Rehearsal                                                        (Same as above)                     $150.00

Wedding                                                          (Same as above)                     $150.00

Church Hostess (if needed)                     $0.00                                       $100.00


Wedding and Rehearsal                                $50.00                                     $125.00
Sound Technician                                     $50.00                                     $100.00

Video Technician (if needed)                  $50.00                                     $100.00

Reception Fees

Fellowship Hall:                                              $0.00                                        $100.00

Nursery: (attendant not included)              $0.00                                        $10.00 per hour

Custodian:                                                        $50.00                                      $100.00

The rehearsal and wedding will be scheduled when the Church receives a non-refundable deposit of $100.00. All fees are to be paid two weeks prior to the date of the rehearsal.

CHURCH HOSTESS will meet with the bride, director, and any other persons of assistance. Primary responsibility is to look after the Church’s interests; use of the building, and its contents as specified in the building use regulations.

Policy and Procedures for Weddings and Receptions

The Wedding

A wedding is one of the most sacred experiences of one’s life. The choice of a church as the site of the exchanging of the marriage vows indicates that the couple recognizes the sacredness of matrimony.

Through the ceremony in the church, a new home is established where God’s purposes can be accomplished. Because Christian marriage is a sacred relationship entered into for life, and because such a relationship is created by God’s blessings and help, the church believes it is properly solemnized only in deepest reverence.

Every requirement of Broad Street Christian Church relative to weddings stems from this view of marriage. It is, therefore, expected that the wedding party gladly abide by these regulations and requirements.

The Minister

All weddings must be scheduled through the Senior Minister of Broad Street Christian Church. Traditionally, the bride’s minister has the privilege and honor of solemnizing the marriage. Special circumstances sometimes permit variation from this practice, but should be considered the exception rather than the rule. If a minister other than one of Broad Street’s is to participate in a ceremony at Broad Street, the Senior Minister at Broad Street must be consulted and has the right of approval.

Wedding preparations should include sufficient consultation with the officiating minister, with the necessary counseling sessions scheduled.

The officiating minister must be given the wedding license prior to the wedding itself. There will be no exceptions to this requirement.

The Hostess

The Broad Street Christian Church Hostess has the responsibility of overseeing all weddings. The charges for this service are listed in the schedule of fees on the preceding page. The couple should find a suitable time to meet with the Hostess at the earliest opportunity and make plans for the wedding ceremony and the reception.

The Hostess will orient the couple to the church facility and the use of its area for the wedding and, if elected, the reception.

The Decorations

Wedding decorations should be appropriate, and care should be taken that they enhance the beauty of the church. Simplicity is always in order.

Candles must be dripless, and candle savers must be used. Clear plastic must be used under any candelabra to protect the carpet.

Church furnishings may not be moved, and decorations must be displayed so as to not mar the church furnishings (no use of thumbtacks, tapes and similar materials to attach decorations to the furniture).

The florist is responsible for contacting the Church Hostess for making an appointment to see the sanctuary and to decorate it as well as to remove the decorations. Arrangements must be made by the wedding couple to remove all non-church property immediately after the wedding so as to not conflict with other church functions.

The Reception

The Fellowship Hall of the church is available for receptions when not previously reserved for a church function. The couple is encouraged to consult a competent caterer for the reception, as use of the church kitchen, and its equipment, are to be kept to a minimum. While the wedding party is welcomed to use its tables and chairs, the church does not furnish dinnerware, silverware, dishwasher or other items that are often needed for wedding receptions.

Alcoholic beverages, including wine and champagne punches, are not permitted at receptions in the church.

The caterer is responsible for making an appointment with the Church Hostess for the purpose of seeing the church facilities and determining the times for its use. The wedding couple is responsible for making arrangements to remove all non-church property immediately after the reception so as not to conflict with other church functions.

The Custodial Services

The services of the church custodian are required for all weddings and receptions. The custodian is responsible for the church, seeing to the heating/cooling, arranging furniture, cleaning after the wedding and/or reception, returning furnishings to their proper place and securing the building.